Cultural Quarter Floorscapes, 2008

Commissioned by Leicester City Council and in collaboration with Leicester Print Workshop, individually interpretive black granite floorscapes are situated at eight street entrances to the Cultural Quarter. Each visually represents imagery and text of historical, architectural and contemporary significance to the area. Situated in the St George’s area the research was done through wide range of media and interventions, local people, historical societies, libraries and museums. Pink granite squares interventions were done by over 100 individuals in the city including artists from Leicester Print Workshop. These were inserted in the thread like wavy lines in the outer square of the Curve theatre.

Sub-contractors: Pomery Natural Stone and Alec Peever studios
Installation: Leicester City Council


Peepul Centre, Leicester 2005

Commissioned by Belgrave Behano Peepul’s Centre, this floor design was inspired by the name of the project ‘Peepul’, a well-known Indian tree symbolizing knowledge and enlightenment. Dispersing from the middle, a cluster of abstracted symbolic leaves float as seedlings to different parts of the building covering over 200 square metres.

Technique: Poured colour concrete
Architects: Andrzej Blonski
Contractor: Lazenby Contracts


Cross Corner Art Centre, Leicester 2004

In collaboration with Mellor Primary Community School this was one of the feature, as part of the commission, alongside art works for the main reception entrance to the building. Inspired by the walled Victorian Belgrave Gardens in its backyard, workshops were carried out with children from the school.

Facilitators: Public Art Leicester, Leicester City Council, Spaces for Sports and Arts funding
Architects: Brooke Miller Partnership


Sacred Spaces, Leicester 2002

In collaboration with artist Said Adrus this neighbourhood project was part of the Cultural Mapping programme initiated and supported by Public Art Leicester. It was a result of extensive community consultation with individuals, organisations, Sparkenhoe and Medway Community Primary Schools in Highfields. A stainless steel structure with laser cut enamelled panels and an Electronic Display Board acts as a community Information Board alongside displaying temperature and date. The L.E.D can be updated regularly by the council and community groups.

Structural Engineers:  Price and Meyers
Fabricators: Jordon Manufacturing Limited, Floorscape: Jon English Developments
L.E.D: Scanlite Ltd
Installation: Leicester City Council