Local authorities

I have created a wide range of commissions for local authorities, these are a selection of some of my recent commissions.

2012 St Paul’s Way, London, E3

Commissioned by Tower Hamlets Council Highways Team, as part of St Paul’s Way Transformation project, with Bow Arts. Ten Bespoke designed granite bollards, designed with local women and students from St Paul’s Way Trust School.

Fabricators: Pomery Natural Stone
Installation: JB Rineys & Co Ltd
Material: Granite

2012, St Paul’s Way, London, E3, 2012

Commissioned by Tower Hamlets Council Highways Team, as part of St Paul’s Way Transformation project, with Bow Arts. Design for Street Lamp Column was developed with Tower Hamlets Council and Mark Bailey Associates.

Installation: J B Rineys & Co Ltd


Words in Stone, St Paul’s Way, London, 2012

Ten sentences selected from two hundred and twenty put forward by members of the community.

Fabrication: Pomery Natural Stone
Installation: J B Rineys & Co Ltd
Material: Granite.


Lightbox, Slough, 2009

Commissioned by Slough Borough Council for the High Street, this art work was inspired by children’s games like hop scotch, which is played all over the world. This under-lit piece surrounded by granite seating, is made of recycled glass and stainless steel. Comprising of symbols and numbers it is a playful piece for children to interact with and for adults to reflect on games they played as children. Coming on in the evening the L.E.D lights are programmed to a set sequence, changing from individually lit glass tiles to uniting colours, lighting up the whole piece.

Landscape Architects: Allen Scott Ltd
Structural Engineers: Packman Lucas Structural Designers
Materials: Eluna recycled and toughened glass, stainless steel and L.E.D
Lighting: Architainment Lighting Ltd


The Town Square, Slough, 2008

Designed as part of Art at the Centre Scheme for Slough Borough Council. The inspiration for the design was derived from Slough’s horticultural past, its rich canvas of diverse communities and a place which is ever-changing in the face of new challenges. Initial workshops were carried out with Fusion Dance Company at Slough Young Peoples Centre.

Incorporated text from poem by Amarjit Chandan
Lettering carved by sculptor Alec Peever
Landscape Architects: Allen Scott
Sub-Contractor: Pomery Natural Stone with Incoveca – Granitos (Portugal)
Material: Granite and stainless steel
Size: over 200 sq. metres